With Frotcom you will have full control of your fleet!

  • Control your company's fleet operational costs and increment productivity in Cape Town: by using Frotcom you can minimize costs related with fuel, maintenance and tire wear; tolls and speed tickets; accidents, insurances, and driving time violation tickets (tachograph).
  • Provide traceability to operations: trace back whatever happened with a certain cargo or service.
  • Provide a good service to your customers: with Frotcom you can focus your efforts on exceptional customer service.
  • Increase safety in your fleet's activity: nothing can be forgotten when it comes to safety involving your fleet - drivers and passengers, vehicles and assets, cargo and materials, and of course, fuel.
  • Comply with legislation: run your operations as quickly and smoothly as possible, but always within the limits of the legislation.

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To monitor each car or truck, Frotcom uses a GPS/GPRS device from Cape Town.

The device registers the vehicle information and data is transmitted by GPRS to the Frotcom Data Center. Using a web browser, you may then access Frotcom to track your vehicle.

No need to install software to access Frotcom, the only thing you need is a computer or a smartphone connected to internet.

Vehicle location is shown on digital maps, velocity, ignition and sensor data can be viewed in graphs or tables, so you can manage your fleet's day-to-day tasks.

You will know exactly the current status of your fleet.

  • All included tracking solution
  • GPS positioning and GPRS communications
  • Google maps and HERE maps
  • Graph and tableviews of speed and sensor data
  • Automatic reports and alarms delivered by email
  • Frotcom API integration with other applications
  • Cost management module
  • Route planning and monitoring
  • Control of driving times and rest periods
  • Advanced smartphone App
  • Geofencing with speed limits into zones
  • Fleet dashboard
  • CRM with tracking tickets
  • Trips logbook
  • 2 second tracking position intervals
  • Workforce Management App
  • Integrated Navigation with two way messaging
  • Driving behavior analysis
  • Door open sensor and temperature sensor
  • Automatic driver ID
  • Anti-theft vehicle remote immobilisation
  • Integration with CANBus (for control of fuel consumption, fuel level, tachograph states, engine temperature, engine revs and others)
  • Generic digital and analogue inputs
  • Analytics (add-on product to Frotcom)
  • Digital fuel sensors
  • Dynamic speed limiter
  • Stolen vehicle recovery (SVR)

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